COVID-19 spike forcing UNLV to shift 80 percent online instruction

COVID-19 spike forcing UNLV to shift 80 percent online instructioneUniversity of Nevada Las Vegas

COVID-19 spike forcing UNLV to shift 80 percent online instruction but the Reno campus will have no limitations to in-person classes.

Even with 20 percent of students taking in-person classes at the Maryland Parkway campus, the institution suffered its first coronavirus confirmed case on the very second day of instruction. The new UNLV President Keith E. Whitfield announced.

“I am reaching out to let you know UNLV has been notified of a confirmed case of COVID-19 on the Maryland Parkway campus,” President Keith said. “This is the first confirmed case of the fall 2020 semester.”

In an email sent by President Keith, the asymptomatic individual went in isolation and tracked by the Southern Nevada Health District to trace any possible close contacts that might have been infected as well.

This morning the Reno campus announced on its website its first SARS CoV2 confirmed but the infected individual has not returned since August 24.

The director of the Student Health Center, Dr. Cheryl Hug-English is working along with the Washoe County Health District to coordinate an effective trace procedure to notify any individual who may have been in close contact with the victim.

In accordance with former UNLV President Marta Meana, two employees got infected outside the state with the dangerous virus.

“We understand this may increase concern and anxiety for the members of our university community,” President Marta said. “The best thing we can do right now is to continue to follow protocols for prevention and maintain social distancing, seek medical care when it is needed, and care for ourselves and each other.”

Both campus authorities are aware of how dangerous the COVID-19 spike can be. They committed to providing a safe health and wellbeing environment to all students and faculty including staff. Shall the pandemic become a threat to the school, both institutions are preparing to move forward to online instruction.  

The school sent letters to all students reminding them to follow COVID-19 safety protocols as they return to in-person instruction. Those guidelines include wearing masks indoors and out. Practicing social distance of 6 feet apart, and staying home if they feel sick. No smoking or vaping which would require the removal of masks.

The institution reminds students that failing to obey those rules will result in disciplinary action that could potentially affect their academic semester.

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